Dazzling diversity and energy, combined with Mediterranean vibrancy

That’s the Lebanon everyone falls in love with. If you haven’t been to the land of rich culture and amazing flavours, you really should read on.

We grew up in this place where warm summer evenings were almost all the time. The aroma of delicious grilled food and freshly baked pita bread made us happy. And families sitting around the table, talking about daily happenings fill hearts with love.

The nostalgia gave birth to the idea of Pitalicious. In time, we felt compelled to open a little street food eatery in the Royal Village of Sutton Coldfield in the summer of 2019.

Pitalicious Sutton Coldfield
Pitalicious Sutton Coldfield
Pitalicious Sutton Coldfield
Pitalicious Sutton Coldfield


We aimed to introduce authentic flavors from the streets of Beirut to local food lovers. Everything cooked in our kitchen is delicious and homely. From Falafel to Shawarma, and all the accompaniments: Lamb Kafta, Shish Taouk, Hummus, Amba and Cauliflower will attract you to this place which is filled with love and mouthwatering tastes. 


Everything in our restaurant is warm and welcoming. The traditional music, the colorful tiles on the floor and Lebanese illustrations on the walls. The aroma of charcoaled meat and earthy spices and the loud chatter of chefs in Arabic will make you feel as you have suddenly stepped inside a street food eatery in Beirut.


Get away from hustle and bustle of your daily life, from the first step you enter the shop with the Lebanese music playing in the background and the colourful tiles and Lebanese illustrations on the wall to the smell of fresh grilled food and the somewhat loud chefs shouting out orders in Arabic suddenly you are in a busy Street food eatery in Beirut.

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